Trump & The Corruption Of The World


I knew that would get your attention.

Here at, our goal is to summarize current events for people of color all over the world in video and written word form. We’ve been on hiatus for a few years, considering that (debatable to some) Obama actually did his job. But, now that we have the Trump Administration, we’ve decided to come out of retirement.

When you last heard from us, we were dealing Bush, the recession, and Iraq. Now we have Trump Administration’s first 100 days in office and all that entails including how he got there, like his ties to Russia and its current investigation.

Now being a journalist and historian, I always look to what our ancestors did as a guide to assist us in our times of trouble. An esteemed elder of African studies, Dr. John Henrik Clarke in a lecture once said that Africans had a rich history where the role of the man and the woman were once one and the same. The woman was recognized as the life giver and the man was recognized as the planter of the seed. They were both respected. Women also held positions of power.

However, Western sociology and psychiatry had the issue of the woman in power. The European would impose his will and domination over the woman. And thus, everywhere the European went in the world began the process of niggerization: reducing the world to its will.

This leads us back to our present state of the world, which is in utter disarray, to say the least. It has gotten us to the point where even the African, who used to live righteously and by way of “ma’at,” has now imitated their oppressor beyond recognition. We cannot tell one from the other. We need to break these chains of psychological slavery, study our ancestor’s way of living before slavery and take it to the next level to make it work for us now. 


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